I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License #48712. I have worked as a mechanical engineer, a kindergarten teacher, and now a therapist.

I enjoy listening and understanding people, so therapy fits me.

I currently work with teens, children and families. Many of the youth that I work with have histories of trauma and neglect, leading to attachment issues. I create an environment where they can talk about their feelings and process events that have affected them negatively. I help them to create coping skills, like being able to name feelings and embrace their strengths. If parents are willing and able, I include them  in sessions so they can learn to listen and validate their child’s experience. Often, I will help a parent process their own trauma because witnessing their child’s challenges can bring up unresolved issues.

My training in working with youth and families includes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF CBT). I have training in Family constellations and Imago Couples Therapy. My interventions are geared towards creating better attachment between caretakers and their child. I use my training, my personal experiences as a client, and my creativity to do this.

Working with adults, I enjoy doing inner child work using my background with youth and trauma, and personal work on my own inner child.

I work with dreams based on the work of Jeremy Taylor, who passed earlier this year, called Projective Dream Work. I was close to finishing his certificated program, the Marin Institute of Projective Dream Work, before he died in January 2018. He will be forever missed.

At this time I am not seeing private practice clients, although I hope to begin within the next year. I will update this site with my information when that happens.

Thank you for accessing my site, and I hope you use the site to post any visitation dreams that you have had. See my post on Terrence’s Story to understand these dreams and why I have dedicated this site to Terry.